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Position on Constitutional Amendments 10/26/2018

Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police
Position on Constitutional Amendments

The Florida State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police, has voted to not support
any constitutional ballot initiatives. The majority of the proposed
amendments are bundled issues that require the voter to vote for all of the
changes not just the single subject that they may be interested in supporting.
Our state requires that all legislation be single subject, yet the Florida CRC
bundled numerous issues in one proposal. The actual language for the
changes to the constitution are 37 pages long, yet the vote sheet has them
shortened to little more than a title description. Most voters will not do the
research to understand the impacts their vote will make, and the Fraternal
Order Of Police can not support ambiguous changes that will have a lasting
and permanent effect upon the laws of Florida.

Unlike the state statutes that can be tweaked, changed *or* repealed each year
during the legislative session, a constitutional amendment is permanent and
should only be added *or* changed with full understanding of the impact a
change would make. The unintended consequences can not be easily fixed.

The questions that we asked:

* Who wants this change?

* Why do they want this change?

* What overwhelming cause, problem *or* need does this fix and why did the
legislature not create a new statute themselves?

* Is this creating a new item in the constitution *or* is it fixing existing language
in the constitution?

* What is the impact of the actual language of the amendment?

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