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Attention all Labor Council units and members, and FOP members interested in helping protect their fellow law enforcement officers

The Florida Labor Council is seeking to expand the pool of attorneys we use to represent our members in critical incidents.

We have excellent attorneys in several areas, but with our growth, we need attorneys in new areas of the state.

If you know of an attorney who is pro-police, has a background in handling criminal matters, especially law enforcement related, and would be available to answer callouts at any time of the day or night, send the attorney's name and address to

Florida State FOP
P.O. Box 1349
Tallahassee, FL 32302

We will contact them and see if they are willing to work under our guidelines.
We especially would like attorneys in the following areas:
Levy County, Hillsborough County, Polk County, New Port Richey, Crystal River, and Ft. Walton Beach areas.

For more information contact George Hachigian or Rob Bell at (888)485-0351.

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