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What You Can Do:
Attend Town Hall Meetings, City Commission Meetings, County Commission Meetings, and Legislative Delegation Meetings….. Ask questions….. and hold all of your elected officials accountable for their votes and actions…..

  1. Are you aware that the law enforcement community in this state are angry with the legislature?
  2. Do you know why they are angry?
  3. Are you aware that violence against law enforcement officers is on the rise?
  4. Do you believe that we lead by example?
  5. If the leaders of our state treat law enforcement officers, the very people that protect them and the citizens, with disrespect, belittlement, and are blamed for the economic downturn, is it any surprise that the public now shows distrust and anger toward them. ( Statements of “No Skin in the Game”, “police and fire have not sacrificed”, “overly generous pensions”, and “60 is the new 40”.)
  6. Are you aware that the counties have cut public safety budgets by 40% (Leroy Collins Institute}?
  7. Do you know what effect these funding decreases have had to leo’s?
  8. Are you aware that officers no longer have partners?
  9. Are you aware that many communities also do not have officers work in tandem to back each other up in a zone?
  10. Are you aware that the communication systems in many areas allows the officer to hear dispatch, but if they have entered a large building that dispatch can not hear them, meaning that if they called in for back up dispatch would not hear them?
  11. Are you aware that due to budget cuts some agencies have unmanned lines?
  12. Are you aware  that an officer was killed last year and that because his taser was not adequate it was deflected by a light weight jacket, that he called into dispatch on an unmanned line, and that he  had been shot and killed and no one knew, until a citizen called 911 and reported it?
  13. Are you aware that Florida ranks in the top 3 states for officers killed in the line of duty, and that our population is considerably smaller than other states?
  14. Are you aware that the National average life expectancy for a law enforcement officer after retirement is 7 years.
  15. Are you aware that due to changes to FRS officers are expected to pay into a pension that they will have to work 5 years longer to earn and will receive less?
  16. Are you aware that the legislature and employers that pay into FRS have used over 13 billion dollars in surplus retirement funds to offset their cost, while officers  under FRS must be a quadriplegic “permanent and totally disabled” to receive any kind of disability pension?
  17. Are you aware that most cities that have local law plans that the officers pay into that plan for specific benefits?
  18. Are you aware that the percentage paid in by the officer is most often higher than the employer and the officer pay that regardless of the “good year” “bad year” aspect, yet the cities use a sliding scale to determine their contribution?
  19. Are you aware that most officers with local law plans will never receive social security because their cities have opted out for the cost savings?
  20. Are you aware that even if a public safety officer pays into social security they will never receive their full earned social security? That due to the Federal Windfall Elimination Act all public safety officers with public pensions have their social security reduced by 2/3’s?
  21. Are you aware that Florida is a right to work state?
  22. Are you aware that with the exception of only one group(Florida Bar), no one must pay dues to a union or group to be able to work?
  23. If I am entrusted to carry a gun, protect the citizens, and make life and death decisions, why do you think that we lack the intelligence to know what our dues are paying for?
  24. Do you regret your support of the paycheck protection act?
  25. What is your stance on unions and employee rights?
  26. If our leaders are unwilling to protect the protectors, then who will besides ourselves, because our union is simply made up of more fellow officers?
  27. Are you aware that there is a push for constitutional officers to be made a legislative body?
  28. Are you aware of that impact upon employees?
  29. Do you know why police officer have the 112 Officers Bill Of Rights?
  30. Do you know that law enforcement officers do not have the basic constitutional right to remain silent? The Garrity Act/Broderick Rule
  31. Are you aware that CJSTC has the ability to severely impact law enforcement officers but no ability to impact agencies that violate an officers rights?
  32. Are you aware that some agencies are now stating that leo’s do not have the right to file an injunction when their rights are violated?
  33. Are you aware that Deputies in this state do not get to negotiate pension benefits, health insurance, disability, or death benefits?
  34. Are you aware that due to that fact most deputies are only allowed the privilege of negotiating salary, safety, and discipline?
  35. If the deputies are so limited do you think that it is fair to give the Sheriff the ability to negotiate the contract, declare impasse, and rule on the impasse? Where is the checks and balances?
  36. Do you believe that absolute power breeds absolute corruption?
  37. Are you aware that Deputies are often forced to participate in a self-insurance healthcare program?
  38. Are you aware that this insurance program is very costly and often has a deductible as high as 2,000 dollars, and that this self-insurance fund is owned by the Florida Sheriffs Association and administered by the HUNT Insurance Group?
  39. Are you aware that the average deputy that has this same insurance pays 80% of the cost? Rather than the state’s norm of 20%?
  40. Are you aware that many cities are using the term “financial urgency” to break all contracts with the officers?
  41. Are you aware that there are no definitions or standards for financial urgency, yet there are for financial emergency?
  42. With the legislature and local governments attacking and blaming officers rights, salary and pensions, why should the officers in this state trust their elected officials?


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